About Us

TMC has been supplying meat products to over 20 countries world-wide since 2008. We process in excess of 25,000 cattle on an annual basis and supply a quality range of beef and lamb products in carcass and primal form throughout Ireland, the United Kingdon, and mainland Europe. With distribution centers throughout Europe we offer a close relationship with all customers and strive to serve their requirements as efficiently as possible. Our biggest advantage is the flexibility we offer customers and our customers’ needs are our top priority. We are continually striving for improvements to our product offerings, customer service, and distribution lines.

TMC Ireland

In both of our processing plants we guarantee production to the highest standards offering a complete traceability along the supply chain from field to fork. Our sites in Drumone, Co. Meat, and Kavanagh Meats Enniscorthy, Wexford, play pivotal roles in in continuing commitment to developing long term customer relationships. Close customer liaison has allows us to streamline our business, removing unnecessary costs and increasing efficiencies while developing an in-depth understanding of evolving customer needs and market trends.

TMC - About Us

Exporting is essential to our business as the volume of cattle slaughtered in Ireland could never be used internally and so we export 90% of our beef. This has allowed us to develop new contacts and markets on the continent. Every country is different and in response to this we have tailored our product offering to local requirements and regions. Traditional Meats has evolved to become a highlight integrated production, sales, marketing, and distribution operation with a clear focus on quality meat products for some of the more discerning customers worldwide. We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to changing market requirements, development of quality products, innovation, and a commitment to competitive pricing for all customers. We therefore have the flexibility to go above and beyond for our customers, consistently providing quality beef.